IACS System Testing and Assessment Rating Score Calculator

Likelihood Factors

Threat Actor Factors
Skill Level
Vulnerability Factors
Ease of Discovery
Ease of Exploit
Intrusion Detection

Consequence Factors

Technical Impact Factors
Loss of Confidentiality
Loss of Integrity
Loss of Availability
Loss of Accountability
Safety Impact Factors
Environment Damage
Process Damage
Safety Equipment

This Risk Rating Calculator is based on IACS System Testing and Assessment Rating (STAR) Methodology. To understand how to effectively use this calculator to score implementation vulnerabilities, please have the stakeholders and assessment team read the methodology documentation to understand the likelihood and consequence factors. Threat actor factor scores will, most likely, be consistent for all situations involving the System-Under-Consideration (SUC). Stakeholders may be required to accurately score the safety impact factors for each issue being reviewed.

This Risk Rating Calculator was generated using the example of OWASP's Risk Rating Calculator.

This project was developed and is supported by Cutaway Security, LLC.